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The Aromatherapy Company International Training Centre & スタッフ

The Aromatherapy Company is dedicated to supplying and manufacturing natural and ethical products using organic aromatic essential oils which are pure and unadulterated in order to provide our customers and clients with the most naturally derived ingredients grown on our planet.

Our knowledge As Professional Clinical Aromatherapists we have a wealth of knowledge through teaching and practical application.We understand the therapeutic properties of essential oils and their molecular structure which enables us to create synergies to balance and restore the mind, body and spirit.

Our Teaching; A natural and caring environment in which to learn to treat and be treated;Studying with us is a lovely experience in itself.

We have a relaxed style in a tranquil and natural location in the heart of the countryside.We promise to teach our students to IFPA standards (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists), an internationally recognised aromatherapy charity and governing body.We fully support our students during and after training and provide ongoing continuing professional development courses in house.We are committed to providing a professional, friendly and efficient service to our clients and students.It is our mission to treat each and every one of our customers with individual and confidential care.




英国The Aromatherapy Company社 代表取締役社長 ルイーズ・カルタ/ Keiko Yanagawa

The company is owned and run by Louise Carta MIFPA,IFPA Tutor and Keiko Yanagawa who are both Co Directors of The Aromatherapy Company International Training Centre.

Louise is an experinced IFPA tutor and has taught all over the world in Clinical Aromatherapy and Holistic therapies.
Her knowledge of essential oils is respected by many and she often writes editorials for national magazines.

With their combined knowledge of business and aromatherapy plus their passion for the capabilities of essentials oils they have created the most gorgeous natural skincare, bath & bodycare,mother & baby collection, sport balms, candles, massage oils, synergies blends and specialised products.

全コース講師担当 小川 大輔

Potential Works Ltd 代表取締役社長/ IFPA Tutor/ IFPA国際認定アドバンストクリニカルアロマセラピスト/ Tamara Instructor/ 英国看護師/ 日本保健師 /